Create a special tribute

In a few quick easy steps, you can create a lasting tribute for your loved one.

A Remembered Forever Tribute is an online memorial space built by you and dedicated to the memory of your loved one. It can help those affected by the loss to come together, share memories and support each other.

Sharing your Tribute

Whether you’ve set up your Tribute as a way of storing memories and telling your loved one’s story or would like to raise funds through it, it’s up to you who you share it with.

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Find a Tribute

Find a Tribute

If you already have a MuchLoved account and wish to see all the tributes that you have created plus any others that you have personally been invited to, please click here to login.

Growing your Tribute

Simply write journal entries, add significant dates and photos and light a candle in memory.

Donations can be made to mark birthdays, anniversaries or on other unique special occasions. You may even choose to create your own fundraising events that reflect the interests and values of your loved one. For more ideas visit the Rowcroft website or click below to see other Tributes.

Rowcroft Hospice

Thank you for thinking of Rowcroft Hospice at such a sensitive time and for considering supporting the hospice in such a special way.